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Yoga Designed to Strengthen Your Body and Mind

I love teaching Power Vinyasa Classes. The endorphins that awaken when you break a sweat and move your body in a way that it was designed to be moved. The energy you can physically feel pulsing thru your veins at the end of a good session when you lay in Savasana for a moment of rest and meditation. Moving intentionally and paying attention to your breathe, your body, each muscle while acknowledging the thoughts and voices in your mind in one beautiful harmony is not short of a miracle. 

This is what you can expect to feel after your class. There is a power in yoga which is why it is still popular and practiced even after thousands of years.

However, you need to have a starting point because it can be intimidating to start something new and "Yoga" is very expansive. I want to be that starting point for you.

If you already have experience with yoga and love Power Vinyasa classes jump to the bottom of the page... if you are new to yoga, then read below.

I want to do yoga but have no idea where to start...

Welcome to the club :) I remember years ago walking in to a yoga class and wanting to hide. Not having any idea what they were saying, how to breathe or even what the hell "set an intension" meant. I felt uncomfortable for that hour but the way I felt driving home was different. I couldn't put into words what it was but I felt energized and peaceful and good. I wanted more. Soon I wanted that feeling everyday and I realized that what I was gaining was more discovery and confidence in myself than I have ever had. I want to share this with everyone... minus the awkward and uncomfortable part.

This is why I have set up 8-week transformation sessions for beginner yogis. (If you have a body and an interest in yoga, you are now a yogi in my book.) Starting with the fundamentals and even terminology of yoga, you will be fast-tracked to be confident in power vinyasa classes in 8 short weeks. Combining 20 in-person classes with online coursework, workbook and online classes you will see a massive shift physically and mentally.

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Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga Classes

Many yoga studios are designed to simply help you relax with slow stretching and breathing... which is great, but that is not what you will find here. The Yoga Liz studio is designed to challenge you. Classes are set up as a progression so you can build physical strength, burn calories and tone your body. YES! There is a ton of stretching and your flexibility will increase as a result of the different asanas (poses) that are incorporated within the flow. Each move is guided by your breath calming the nervous system and unearthing habits and mindsets that you will take with you outside of the studio. Inversions, arm balances and more are common in these classes and we will also take time to workshop and breakdown new postures. Each class brings a new challenge and new feeling of accomplishment. I believe yoga is the practice of shining the light of awareness into every crevasse of your body. 

All Power Vinyasa classes are taught by Liz Evans and "Sunday Church", i.e. Ashtanga classes are taught by the amazing Sharon Tapaco.

Class Schedule and How it Works

All Vinyasa classes with the exception of Sunday Ashtanga classes are purchased in 8 week blocks.

Each block contains 20 classes that you commit to at set times and dates (Tuesday/Thursday/and every other Saturday). That space is reserved for you in the studio. Class sizes are 9 students so you will never have to worry about not having a spot. 

The cost for a Power Vinyasa block is $195. Classes are T/TH at 4:05pm and every other Saturday at 9am.

If you are new to Yoga, at this time you must sign up for an 8-week Transformation program before progressing to the Intermediate Vinyasa classes. Learn more about that here.

Ashtanga Yoga classes are Sundays from 9:30-11am.

The pricing varies for this 90-minute class.

Community Drop-in rate - $15

Drop-in for Members - $10

Community 8 week block purchase - $95

8 week block purchase for members  - $65


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