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At 30 I thought I had my life together. I didn't over-think, over-feel, over-plan or over-stress. I had been happily married for 10 years, had 4 healthy children and my then-husband was a good provider. I didn't know that year the facade I believed to be my life would crumble and I would be faced with a challenging decade. I time where my body and soul aged, matured and had to discover intensional living to emotionally survive the day-to-day.  

Fresh air and fitness, specifically yoga and trail running gave me just enough strength and breathing room to function and attempt to be present for my kids for one more day. Though we would still have some good times together, until 37 when I got a divorce, most days consisted of a tightness in my chest and nights I had tears in my eyes. The challenge of staying financially afloat was always present and I felt as if I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I ignorantly thought I was keeping the drama from our kids but the stress of situation took a toll on all of us. For almost 7 years I was in denial that I was married to an unfaithful, unemployed addict. I am not writing any of this for sympathy, rather I am sharing my journey of how I got to where I am today because I am grateful for the empathy and knowledge gained.

Life can still be a struggle, however striving to live a balanced life, setting goals, recognizing milestones, staying positive, service, eating well and keeping myself accountable has brought me to a place of peace. Setting and achieving goals through my "dark decade" provided a confidence I needed to not live in the past and live with a grateful heart. During this time I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training, pilates instructor, personal trainer and life coaching certifications. Realizing more than ever that I felt best when I was coaching others. Losing myself in their gains and achievements brought me strength, joy and healing.

Pema Chodron said, "A Warrior begins to take responsibility for the direction on her life." Such a simple phrase with so much truth, but when everything feels unraveled around you, direction is the last word used to describe life. I know hopelessness. I know pain. I also know the tools needed to pull yourself from darkness. Making yourself and your fitness a priority will wake up endorphins needed to stimulate a change in other aspects of your life.

The time is now to turn the tide. Don't live another month feeling inadequate, lost or depressed. Let me know your pain and struggles so we can change what you are in control of and learn to accept what you can not change with grace. Allow yourself to take some time to create a transformation. Your wellness is essential. You can have a fulfilling life, filled with confidence and peace. I already believe in you and can't wait to lead you on your journey.




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